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925 Sterling Silver Hallmark.jpeg
375 Gold Ring Hallmark.jpeg
375 Gold Pendant Hallmark.jpeg
375 Gold Earring Hallmark.jpeg
375 Gold Pendant Hallmark.jpeg
375 Gold Rings Hallmark.jpeg


In the UK, it is illegal to sell items (above the following weights), described as silver, gold, palladium or platinum, ie precious metals, unless they are hallmarked:

Silver - 7.78g

Gold 1g

Palladium - 1g

Platinum - 0.5g

You can be confident that all Lisa Crockard Jewellery items that weigh above these weights, & require hallmarking, are proudly marked at the Edinburgh Assay Office - the only Assay Office in Scotland. Some Lisa Crockard Jewellery items under these exemption weights are not hallmarked as standard, but if you'd like something to be, just ask.

Check the Assay Office notice below on what to look out for, or head over to the Edinburgh Assay Office website for more info. 

EAO Type-B-Notice.jpeg
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