Oxidised sterling silver, cast Circle earrings with 23.5ct gold accents.


Made by creating a 3d printed element, which has then been cast into sterling silver, these earrings have had sections of 23.5ct gold sheet fused on, by hand, and finally oxidised.


23.5ct gold foil is applied in the ancient Korean technique of Keum-Boo, where the 'attached gold' is fused to the surface of the silver with pressure and heat. The earrings are then submerged in an oxidising solution which darkens the silver, (these earrings have taken on a lovely deep graphite/ slate colour) but leaves the gold untouched, to increase the contrast between the two.  The oxidised surface will very slowly go back to bright silver, with wear, to give a lovely antique look. The earrings have been treated to slow the wear down and the silver can be treated again if a darker colour is desired.


Diameter 28mm
Sterling silver
0.8mm sterling silver posts
Sterling silver backs
23.5ct gold foil


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