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Unusual reticulated sterling silver square-ish stud earrings with a 24ct gold stripe, from the Linear range.


Made with 0.8mm silver sheet that has been reticulated to give it this unusual stone-like texture on the surface. 24ct gold foil is applied in the ancient Korean technique of Keum-Boo, where the 'attached gold' is fused to the surface of the silver with pressure and heat. The edges are polished to a shine. The studs are attached to sterling silver posts.


approx 10mm x 10mm square
sterling silver posts
24ct gold foil stripes

supplied with sterling silver butterflies


These are not machine-made! They are lovingly hand-crafted and because of the nature of reticulating silver, they differ very slightly from each other.

LINEAR Square-ish Stud Earrings


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