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Below are a few helpful hints to help you keep your gorgeous new jewellery in tip top shape. 


  • Cosmetics, hair products & household chemicals can all affect precious metals & some softer stones like pearls, lapis lazuli and howlite.

  • Try to apply moisturiser well before putting on jewels, and try to avoid spraying perfume directly onto jewellery.

  • Take any precious pieces off, particularly pearl and gold plated pieces before swimming or when using harsh cleaning products.

  • Bumps and scrapes do happen! It may sound silly to say, but try to make sure you don't wear delicate pieces if you know you are going to be doing anything where it might get caught.

  • Eventually, surface wear and tear takes it's toll on some pieces of jewellery, particularly bangles and rings. Some of these light scratches can be buffed out by a jeweller which will bring your piece back it's shine.

  • Oxidised pieces are a little bit different. If you have bought an oxidised piece, this will eventually brighten up over time, especially on areas that get rubbed more often. Most pieces can be treated again to re-apply the patina. However, most oxidised jewellery looks just as fantastic once it has acquired that worn look and the silver brightens up, it makes it more personal; no-one else will have jewellery that's worn like your's.


  • All jewellery will tarnish eventually, no matter what, especially when left out in the open. Precious metals such as sterling silver and low carat gold tends to darken and go dull, so it's important to store your jewellery when you're not wearing it for a while. To slow down tarnish, try to keep your jewellery in a box or bag when not wearing it. Airtight is perfect, but a box with a close fitting lid or drawstring pouch will do just fine.

  • Make sure any jewellery you’re storing is dry before putting it away.


  • Harsh cleaning products should be avoided at all costs!

  • Pretty much all jewellery will benefit from a dip in some warm soapy water & a soft brush to remove any dirt. Try using a gentle liquid soap. Just rinse & dry afterwards.

  • Ultrasonics should be used with caution - some gemstones and metal finishes can be damaged in these - always read the instructions!

  • To brighten up silver & gold, try a rub with a silver or gold polishing cloth. This will remove light tarnish.

  • The exception to this would be oxidised jewellery - this should not be polished with a polishing cloth as it will remove the overall oxidised effect. A soft, dry paint or toothbrush can remove any dirt from crevices. Oxidised jewellery can look lovely once it starts to brighten up in places, but if you prefer the darker look, it can be re-oxidised.

  • If you are in any doubt, contact Lisa Crockard Jewellery here or ask a jeweller who will advise on the best way to care for your jewels.

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