SAY Award 2017

The SAY Design Commission 2017

In June 2017 I won the exciting opportunity to design and produce some objects for the Scottish Album of the Year Award 2017.

Through a competition set by the SMIA (Scottish Music Industry Association) via InCube in Renfrewshire, the brief was to design and create objects that would be gifted to the 10 shortlisted artists for the album of the year, 2017. The objects were to somehow depict the connections between Scottish music & design along with the spirit of the SAY Award.

My design:

10 Paisley patterns, representing the shortlisted artists & a nod to the location of the ceremony for 2017...
On each pattern, a reason to celebrate the achievements of these outstanding Scottish albums of the past year...
All connected together and supported by the SAY award 2017.
A 3d printed object which represents the rich, creative heritage that has helped to drive and develop music in Scotland for centuries and continues to be relevant, important and even more accessible today thanks to modern technology.
Scottish Album of the Year Award Logo