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Block of mitsuro hikime wax with examples of 2 wax ring models in front and 3 finished silver rings alongside.

Mitsuro Hikime

An ancient Japanese technique that uses a pliable wax, made from beeswax and pine resin, that when warmed, stretched and worked, produces incredible striated, flowing ribbons that can be formed and shaped to produce unique, organic designs. Then, through the lost wax casting process, the wax forms are cast using precious metals. 

Each piece is created individually, with the original wax form being lost during the casting process, never to be used again, so no two pieces will ever look exactly alike.

A step away from my usual geometric style, these pieces are highly sculptural and organic, yet texture remains the focus.

I have created a series of one of a kind solid sterling silver pieces, some of which also feature highlights of fine gold that I apply using another of my favourite, ancient decorative techniques; keum boo (Korean for 'applied gold'). The combination of these 2 processes mean that when you buy one of these pieces, you can be assured there will be no other piece exactly like it. 

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