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A solid sterling silver ring with a twist.


Square wire is twisted to form a variation of a Mobius strip, square wire is twisted to form a variation of a Mobius strip, where a strip is twisted 180 degrees and joined in a loop. The twist allows you, if you follow the surface around the continuous shape from a starting point, to travel around the inside, and outside, back to where you started. Each ring is made by hand so will differ ever so slightly from each other.


One face is heavily textured, to catch the light, the other is polished to a shine.


Ring approx 2.5mm wide


Made to order - please allow up to 5 working days for shipment.

One available now in a UK size P/ US size 7.75


If your size isn't shown, please contact me for info.

Silver Textured Möbius Twist Ring


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