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Handmade, minimalist, solid sterling silver bangle, polished to a high shine. This bangle is part of the LC series & is sized as follows:


S = 68-70mm
M = 73-75mm
L = 77-79mm
XL = 80-83mm


Measurements are taken internally from the point to the bottom of the circle. 

To find your fit:
- squeeze your fingers together and tuck your thumb under
- with a ruler, measure the widest part of your hand (across your knuckles)


Depending on how big you like to wear your bangles, go for the smallest size you can squeeze your hand through - this will ensure it's not too big on your wrist when being worn. I find the easiest way to put it on is with the point end at your pinkie finger.


If you'd like this bangle made in a different size, please message me & I can make to order.


made with 2mm Sterling Silver square wire
hallmarked in Edinburgh
weight from 7.5g


Ring versions of this bangle also available.



LC Right Angle Solid Silver Bangle


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