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This tactile, elegant ring is made from 100% recycled, solid sterling silver & two qualities of gold. 


MADE TO ORDER - This spinner ring will be handmade to order, so please allow up to 15 working days from order for this ring to be shipped out to you. This time allows for the making & hallmarking processes, but depending on the time of year ordered, it can be a little faster.

1 available now in a UK ring size J.5


Consisting of two rings, the wide concave band is textured on the outside, to give a dotted finish, with a scattering of pure 24ct gold elements that goes all around the band. The ancient technique of Keum Boo (meaning 'applied gold') is used to permanently apply & bond the fine layer of pure gold to the surface of the ring, using only heat & pressure. The bond is permanent & the gold used is around 10 times thicker than gold-plating. 

Around the wide band is a separate, spinning, solid, recycled, 9ct gold band, polished to a high shine. 

This ring will be hallmarked at the Edinburgh Assay Office to ensure the quality of the precious metals used.


Wide Silver Band: 100% recycled, solid sterling silver, approx 12mm wide, approx 1mm thick. 23.5ct Gold highlight scattered all the way around the outside.
Thin 9ct Gold Band: 100% recycled, solid 9ct yellow gold, approx 1mm wide.

Hallmarked at Edinburgh Assay Office


***Sizing: This style of ring is more complex to re-size as it's multiple bands - please ensure your ring size is correct when ordering! Please bear in mind this is a wide ring, it's sometimes necessary to size up a little compared to thinner rings. The best way to ensure the correct size is to be measured by a jeweller using a similar width ring gauge.***

Obi Wide Dot Keum Boo Spinner Ring


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